German Courses online B1 and B2

Learn German online B1 and B2 – Learning German online 

If you already have a basic knowledge of the German language but would like to improve it, then an online German language course in B1 or B2 is just the thing for you. You can complete the course in our language school in the traditional way. Another option is a German online course. You are sitting comfortably at home. Lessons take place in a virtual classroom. Through modern technology, you experience the teacher as if he were present. Of course, you can also interact with the teacher and other students.

German Courses Online B1 und B2

German Courses Online B1-B2 – We offer you cheap online courses

Our German online courses are not only cheap, but very practical. You sit quietly at home in your usual environment. The teacher comes to you. To attend classes, you need a computer or laptop and a headset. From us you will receive the login data for the virtual classroom, the headset is very cheap at various retailers. You not only save money but also time. Especially if you live in the countryside, the roadways are sometimes a bit long. In addition, the annoying search for a parking lot is no longer necessary.

Learn German in private lessons or in a group

In our German online courses in the B1 and B2 levels, we offer private lessons and group lessons. With one-to-one tuition, the teacher can focus on you and your problems. You are not distracted by another student and do not copy his often-incorrect pronunciation. With a group lesson you have the advantage that you can also communicate with other students in German. We make sure that the groups do not get too big. Our German online lessons in groups have a maximum of six participants. It is important that you can talk often. Even as an advanced learner, it is important that you have a lot to talk about.

With a free online German placement test we determine your language level

Many of our students are not sure at the beginning whether the level B1 or B2 is right for them. We have developed a placement test (link) for this case. With this we can test your language level. Our teachers will then assign you the right course. So, you do not waste time, because you only learn the things that you feel up to. Of course, you can also do this test on the computer.

Teaching by qualified German teachers

Of course, our teachers speak German as their native language or a very experienced non-native teachers. They also have experience with the conditions of online learning. Learning via the internet has many advantages and we want to make sure that you benefit from it. It is also important to us that the teacher is sympathetic. This is especially important when learning online. Very often there are avoidable misunderstandings. Our teachers know how to communicate via the Internet so that students feel comfortable.

Participate in the German Online Course without risk

If you are not sure yet if the German course is right for you, you can first attend a trial lesson without commitment. This takes 30 minutes. During this time, you will learn a lot about the teacher and the teaching concept. If you are satisfied, we would be pleased if you also visit the remaining hours. If you do not agree with the concept, just tell us. The entrance to the virtual classroom is of course free for the trial lesson.

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