German Grammar Online Courses – A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2

German as a foreign language grammar – Online courses

In our German online courses for the improvement of your grammar skill, you can learn from the easy atmosphere of your home, your office or your holidays. You just need a computer or tablet with internet connection and you need to be online at the announced course time.

German grammar online courses

Improve your skill with German grammar online courses

In the course, you repeat the most important grammar structures. In a short and compact manner, you will be taught the sometimes quite complex rules of German grammar. This way you will make fast progress. Your previous grammar knowledge will be deepened in the course and you will soon be feeling much more assured in your use of German.

Of course, you will also learn new grammar rules as you take the course so that your linguistic abilities will continuously broaden and your written German improves too. We have prepared written and oral exercises for you. Written exercises have the advantage that you must sit over each grammar structure a bit longer. Oral exercises prepare you for the daily use of the German language.

This course can happen in groups (1-3×90 mins./week), in private lessons (5-15×90 mins) or intensive courses (3×60 mins. per day).

More detailed info as well as starting dates and lesson timings can be seen after online registration. If you are interested in this course, please register online:

German Grammar online training for all levels

We offer you German grammar training from levels A1 to C2. If you decide for level A2, basic knowledge of German is sufficient. C2 level comes close to perfect language mastery, so you can hardly distinguish between yourself and a native speaker. If you do not know exactly what level is right for you, we offer you a placement test online. If you find that the placement is not quite correct despite the test, you can, of course, switch to another course free of charge (depending on availability).

If you already have basic knowledge of the German language, use the training possibilities in our course. This considerably improves your language skills. If you are preparing for the exam Deutsch als Fremdsprache (DaF), then our training is optimal. You can check your knowledge and close any gaps.

German Grammar online training for all levels
Small groups guaranteed. German online training

German Grammar - Overview of online courses

You will learn in our German online courses, among other things, the correct sentence composition. This is not only about the correct sequence of subject, predicate and object, and about variations in sentence composition. Also important is the correct conjugation of verbs and declension of nouns and adjectives.

We practice with you the formation of the subjunctive and, of course, the correct use of direct and indirect speech. The latter is particularly important in texts, when it comes to the content-related reproduction of conversations and speeches.

We also teach the formation and use of active and passive. In texts, you should use an active expression, if possible, but sometimes it is imperative to incorporate passive constructs into the text. With us, you will learn how to manage this in a variegated and error-free way.

Correct use of prepositions is difficult in any language, and German is no exception. Our online course for German grammar is ideal if you want to learn how to deal with these little words.

They can express facts in the verbal style or in the typical German nominal style. Both possibilities are taught in our German course. The verbal style corresponds more to the language of conversation. The nominal style is found primarily in the written language and sounds more upscale and somewhat official.

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