Group courses German online course

German group courses online training for beginners and advanced students

We offer our online language courses with several appointments per week (in total has a group course 10-12 dates to 90 minutes each, prices and dates can be found after registering an account with us) at different levels for beginners and advanced students. If you are just beginning to get used to the German language and want to learn about the most important basics for everyday use, our A1 and A2 courses are the right choice. If you already have previous knowledge, the courses B1 and B2 are a good choice. Advanced students will be able to deepen and improve their knowledge in C1 and C2 courses. You can use our online placement tests at any time.

The maximum number of participants in our group courses, whether it is only once or several times a week, is six participants! More students do not enter the virtual classroom. This way, we ensure that there is enough space for individuality and at the same time guarantee the same language level. Just try it out in a trial lesson, you will see for yourself how good an online course can be.

Group courses German online course

Course information and prices

Our online language courses last 4 to 12 weeks, each week has between 90 and 270 minutes of lessons.

The online language course costs € 259,- for 24 lessons of 45 minutes at 3×90 minutes per week.

At 1×90 minutes per week the monthly participation rate is € 89,- in a subscription format.

At 2×90 minutes per week the monthly participation rate is € 169,- in a subscription format.

More detailed info as well as starting dates and lesson timings can be seen after online registration. If you are interested in this course, please register online:

Non-binding placement options

If you are unsure about how you should assess yourself, you can take a free online placement with us – of course it is also possible via the Internet. Here you will find our free German online placement tests for levels A1 to B2.

German Online Group courses for university studies or your job

Understanding the German language is an important prerequisite to be successful in studying or working in Germany. Many universities require German language skills before enrollment. Employers also demand the ability of their employees to express themselves in German. By the way, the knowledge of the German language makes everyday life easier. If you are only going to Germany for a holiday, you will be better off with good German language skills.

However, language courses are often laborious and expensive. Sometimes there is no possibility at all because there are no courses offered nearby. At the same time, there is often a lack of time when not only teaching, but also getting to the language school comes into conflict with time for work and family life. Then the online German language course of Sprachschule Aktiv comes in handy.

German online courses

Competent teachers of German - native speakers and academics

That is why we have developed the group courses German as online courses. This way, you can easily attend the language course from home without having to give up on competent teachers and the community of a small learning group. Our online German teachers are appropriately qualified and have plenty of experience in practical language teaching. With our in-depth knowledge and pedagogical competence, our teachers can communicate the German language quickly and sustainably. Our students benefit from this experience through quick learning progress.

Learning German in the virtual classroom

Learning German in the virtual classroom

In the virtual classroom, learning is particularly easy. On the one hand, you will learn in the familiar surroundings of your home or place of work and will not have to make long journeys to get to the place of learning. You simply log into our system and in a few seconds, you are connected to the classroom and the teacher.

The time you save can be used to learn the German language. On the other hand, virtual learning also offers many advantages over traditional classrooms. In the virtual classroom video and audio files as well as e-book materials can be uploaded immediately and made available to all. Written content can be corrected immediately and thus communicated in a comprehensible manner.

Personal support - teachers care about individuality

On the other hand, you do not have to do without the personal support of the language teacher or the motivating community in the small group during the on-line course. This is because the teacher can also contact you personally via the Internet and give specific hints and tips on pronunciation, grammar and all other questions concerning the German language. At the same time, you benefit from the small group, because you can learn from the progress – but also from the mistakes – of your classmates and as a side effect the joint learning is more fun anyway.

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