The secret to our success & Your advantages

The secret to our success and your advantages

The secret to our success & Your advantages

Learn German online - anywhere and at any time

The Sprachschule aktiv online training in German is available all over the world thanks to the virtual classroom. As some of our trainers are spread all over the world, they can offer practically 24 hours of daily instruction. So, you can learn German from where and almost whenever you want! Our solution is flexible in time and location. Even on business or leisure travel you can always log on. The annoying trip to a language school is no longer necessary. You can learn from us at work, at home, on vacation or on the road!

Are you still waiting for a visa to enter Germany? Then, in the meantime, use our virtual classroom and improve your knowledge of German before going to Germany, Austria or Switzerland. You can then also choose between levels or use less intensive training with us.

German online for companies - Continuous assessment of progress and learning

Are you a booking company and would like to make sure that all participants in the German course make the most of the course? Do not worry, with the virtual classroom of the Sprachschule aktiv, you can learn about the attendance times up to the last second, see each exercise made, and also check progress tests. In this way, you can see whether all the participants in the course are actively involved in the tasks and tests they are doing, or even trying to pass them, and to pass tests based on specific progress steps. This way, the success of individual participants is much more transparent for you as a company!

Individual course times - as flexible as necessary and as feasible!

In Sprachschule aktiv online Training you can choose from different course times. Practically 24 hours a day there are always possible German courses online for you!

Learn German online - alone or in small groups

If you want to make progress quickly, you can learn German online in the virtual classroom in a small group or in individual lessons. In our online classroom, our teachers train reading, hearing, writing, and using communicative exercises in German. Only in the small group with a maximum of six participants is the teacher able to answer questions from individual participants. You will not notice how fast the course time passes – and after a short time you will be able to speak German and understand more of Germany, Austria or Switzerland!

Our qualified online German teachers – Always involved and enthusiastic!

The modern, innovative approach to teaching, the passion for language teaching and the many technical possibilities of our online rooms characterize the German teachers and teaching methods in Sprachschule aktiv online trainings.

Our German teachers will as often as possible try to teach you using exciting material: role play, conversational exercises and special dialogues related to everyday or office situations will give you the important self-confidence in dealing with the German language.

Our qualified online German teachers

Commitment to quality - online courses are worth it!

In our language school, we try to cater to every participant as individually as possible. We take as much time as possible for personal advice and an exact placement through our online level tests and, if necessary, through our discussion-based level tests with our teachers. Our quality assurance management guarantees you consistent, high quality. We are open for suggestions and criticism at any time and try to react as quickly as possible.

Online courses - The new way of quality assurance!

Online courses - The new way of quality assurance!

Thanks to the verifiability of teaching units by means of video recording and retrievability of all results and permanent evaluation possibilities after each lesson by all participants, online training provides a new form of quality assurance for you.

You can always evaluate and check our online trainings after each completed unit or lesson as well as in the end. We would also be happy to send you an email with our course evaluation forms. Of course, you are free to write a review or review us at a rating portal or Facebook. All of this is part of our quality management. We will also check the reviews after several lessons.

We constantly talk to our teachers and try to reach the best in cooperation with our staff for you. If you are not satisfied, simply contact us with your criticism and we will try to find a solution as soon as possible, be it with the teacher or even by improving the teaching material for you.

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