Online German courses for beginners – A1, A2

A German language course is not always available in the immediate vicinity of your apartment. Long driving times are annoying, especially if you do not have your own car. That’s why we offer online courses. You only need a computer, a notebook PC or tablet with internet connection and a headset. These investments are limited. Most students have a computer anyway, our virtual classroom software is free and a headset costs is usually not that expensive.

Online German courses for beginners – A1, A2

Learn German with affordable online courses for beginners

For you as a beginner we offer different courses in the levels A1 or A2. The classic variant is the group lessons. Especially for beginners it is important that you speak the language as often as possible. For this reason, we make sure that there are not too many participants in a language course. Depending on their objectives, the course is also offered as an intensive course. In this case, the group meets several times a week in the virtual classroom.
Especially for beginners, intensive care is often necessary. You need to learn the pronunciation and important grammatical structures. It often makes sense to book a private lesson over the Internet. We have qualified teachers who will help you with their first steps in the German language.

Learn German with qualified private online tutors

When selecting our teachers, we first and foremost give great importance to their professional training. Of course, these are native speakers. This is standard and that goes without saying for us. Also important to us is the pedagogical suitability of the teachers. If possible, they should have pedagogical training or at least a pedagogical sense. An online course places very special demands on the teacher. We make sure that teachers are well acquainted with the internet, our program and the conditions for online learning.
It is also important on the internet that the teachers are sympathetic. This point is very important to us. Misunderstandings are more common on the internet than in an eye-to-eye conversation. This is simply because the internet cannot adequately convey all the signals. We want you to feel comfortable with the course and that’s why we do not take this decision easily.

Take part in a free German online placement test

Before starting online courses for beginners, you should take a German language course. Maybe you think that you master German at a beginner level, but you already have a lot of basic knowledge. Above all, if you have been living in Germany for a long time, you often already have mastery of the language. An online placement test in German creates clarity here. The test takes a few minutes of your time and we can assign you to the appropriate course. This saves you time and money.

Free online trial lesson

If you are not sure yet whether a German course online for beginners is right for you, just join a free trial lesson. You can put the system through its paces during these 30 minutes. Important points are the competence of the teacher, the quality of the video conferencing software and of course, whether you feel well during the lesson. Of course, if you decide against a course, you face no costs.

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