German Courses Online for Advanced – C1 and C2

German courses online for advanced learners – C1 and C2

Learning a language is a process that never ends. Of course, this also applies to German. Even if you can already talk fluently, there are always situations in which you are uncertain. For advanced learners, we offer online courses in levels C1 and C2. These can be booked not only as a classroom course, but also as an online course. Our teachers prepare material that is tailored to your level.

German Courses Online C1 and C2

Cheap German online courses for advanced learners

For advanced students, it is important that they get material that challenges and encourages at the same time. Our teachers prepare texts and other materials to encourage discussion. Digital textbooks for levels C1 and C2 are available in our virtual classroom. An online course offers you the same possibilities as a classroom course. There are also some advantages. You save time, you do not have to search for a parking space and you can sit comfortably at home, in the office or in a hotel. You feel comfortable during the lesson and enjoy participating in class.

The equipment is already available in many households. An Internet connection is standard, a headset is available in department stores and online shops to order. We give you access to a virtual classroom. It is best if you also have a computer or a laptop.

Start the German online course with a free trial lesson

No one likes to spend money without knowing exactly what he is getting. We are aware of that. That’s why we offer an online trial lesson in German. You get to know the teacher. After the course, it is easy for you to decide whether the course suits you. If that is not the case, then the matter is done for you. You will receive access to the trial lesson free of charge. If you want, you can tell us why you who decided otherwise. This helps us to constantly improve ourselves.

Learn German online with motivated and qualified teachers

If you want to improve your German language skills, the teacher is a crucial factor. First, you have to master German perfectly. This is guaranteed only by a native speaker. Learning over the Internet follows very specific conditions. Our online teachers of German have experience with the Internet and can use it perfectly. It is also important that the teachers are sympathetic and friendly. You sacrifice your valuable time and you should feel comfortable during the course. In an online course, non-verbal communication is not always transmitted one to one. This can lead to communication problems and misunderstandings. In this case, the teacher is required to recognize such situations and to circumvent them.

Participate in the non-binding German online test

The level of our advanced courses is quite demanding. If you are not sure if your language skills are adequate, just take a test (link). We offer online the opportunity to check your knowledge. It only takes a short time. You do not need to leave your apartment. Turn on your computer and answer the questions. If you pass the test, then you are eligible for the C1 and C2 courses. If not, you might want to take a B2 or B1 course first. Our teachers are happy to advise you and recommend the right course for you.

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