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Individual German classes online for beginners or advanced students

Knowing German is an important basis for getting around in your studies in Germany or for your job and everyday life here. Or you simply would like to make yourself understood during your holiday in Germany. Even though many Germans speak English, French or other languages, knowing German enormously helps when living and integrating in Germany. Numerous universities expect their students to have good command of written and spoken German. Many employers also want their future employees to know German. Thus, learning German is a good investment into your future.

But in daily life a language course can sometimes be hard to combine with other tasks, your job or your family life. The internet therefore opens a multitude of options: We have developed our online private classes. You can participate from your home or office in our virtual classroom without having to leave your own comfort zone. But at the same time, you do not have to go without a competent teacher. Of course, you are free to make your own appointments with the teacher. Flexible, fast and affordable – our online private lessons adapt to your calendar and are geared towards your needs.

Beginners start at levels A1 and A2 which encompass first basics in German for everyday communication. Levels B1 and B2 mean a deepening of your language knowledge. By passing levels C1 or C2 you will be able to prove a very high and competent command of German.

Online private lessons for studying in Germany

Online private lessons for studying in Germany

Our online courses for individuals are particularly suited for young people from across the globe who would like to prepare for studies in Germany and who need to prove their language knowledge. Often, it is difficult to book German language courses in their home country. Sometimes there are simply no courses anywhere near you and often course times conflict with school, work or family.

Also, many people cannot concentrate on the lesson content in groups. Private lessons are the much better choice to adapt to a student’s needs and requirements. Exam tasks can then be practiced more easily than within a group setting. Our online private lessons are the ideal solution to all these difficulties. Our students thus are taken care of in a competent and individual way – no matter from where in the world they access their lessons.

For private lesson courses we offer three lesson packages: 5×60 mins. for € 149,- 10×60 mins. for €289,- and 20×60 mins. for 560,-. Appointments for online trainings can be made in a flexible way directly with the teacher.

More detailed info as well as starting dates and lesson timings can be seen after online registration. If you are interested in this course, please register online:

The standardized German language Test TestDaF (Test of German as a foreign language), which is accepted by many universities and employers as proof of language competence, is divided into several test levels. These levels are considered in our language courses. We do not only want our students to learn and know German but we also want them to successfully pass the Test DaF at different levels. Our German online private classes are the ideal solution to pass this test.

Nice and professional teachers for your online training

Our teachers are specially trained for specific situations to help you deal with them and to use as many advantages as possible in learning German.

The online courses for individuals is the perfect offer for particularly young learners interested in studying in Germany and who need to prove their language abilities.

It is often quite difficult to find a German language course in their home countries. In some cases there simply are no courses nearby or course timings conflict with time for school, job or family.

On top, some people find it difficult to concentrate on content in a group. In individual private lessons, it is easier to adapt to the needs and wants of the student.

Certain test parts can thus be more easily practiced than in a group. We therefore recommend private online lessons in German for test preparation of test such as Test-DaF, telc B2-C2, Goethe Zertifikat B2-C2 or DSH.

Nice and professional teachers for your online training

We have found the ideal solution to all those issues with our online private lessons in German as a foreign language. No matter where they are in the world – our students receive competent and individual teacher support.

Test DaF (Test Deutsch als Fremdsprache) a standardized test which is the requirement asked for by many universities and employers in Germany as proof of language competence is divided into several level groupings. These groupings are considered in our language courses. We do not only want our students to simply learn German but also to pass Test DaF successfully in its various levels. Thus, for passing Test DaF, our online private lessons are the ideal solution!

Your advantage: Trial lesson and language placement for free!

Nobody buys a pig in a poke from us. For that reason, we offer our students a free trial lesson in which you can try out if you like the teacher and the teaching method. Furthermore, to make sure the lesson has the right level for you, we offer you online placement free of charge.

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