German courses Online for physicians, doctors, dentists

German courses Online for physicians, doctors, dentists

A doctor or aspiring physician places completely different demands on a German language course than a participant who learns the language because of a vacation stay. The course must have a specific vocabulary that enables them to communicate with colleagues and patients without misunderstandings. For this reason, we have developed online courses for doctors and physicians that are tailored exactly to your needs.

Online German courses for physicians, doctors, dentists

Our German Online Courses for Physicians, Doctors, Dentists – Summary

We prepare doctors of all disciplines for the language requirements of examinations and everyday life. If you are currently preparing for the technical language exam to obtain the license to practice, you should first book an online course with us.

Among other things, our language training includes the following topics:

– They learn to name the clinical pictures, the therapies, the anatomy of man and the psychological processes with the correct expressions
– An important area of ​​your work is the history, the patient presentation, the examination and the diagnosis. You will also learn to discuss the cases with your peers. It is also important to communicate with patients.
– You learn to name the devices in the hospital with concrete terms.
– In our German online courses you will learn how to hold counseling sessions, conversations in difficult cases and case discussions.
– Our online courses are not just about handling oral conversations. Equally important is the written medical documentation, the writing of medical reports, the receipt of complaints.
– In addition to the linguistic features you will also get to know the health care system in Germany and what special features the individual states have.
– Our online German courses prepare you for the language exam of the medical association.

This way you can prepare for the special language exam “PKT”

We teach you our courses in a practical way. In realistic exam situations, you become familiar with the conditions of the test. You know what the examiners will look for and are calm and relaxed in the exam. You will receive a good preparation from us for all language examinations that you have to take, so that you can practice your profession in a German-speaking country.

German courses for physicians – professional language examination or patient communication test

In our courses we prepare you in the best way for the special language exam or the patient communication test. The course is divided into different modules. An important part is the exam simulation. Another focus is oral communication, as it is especially important for a doctor.

Online German Course for Dentists with Online Private Teachers

Dentists also have to take a language exam in front of the dentists’ chamber. Our courses are conducted online by private tutors. We choose our teachers from a careful point of view. We pay attention not only to the language skills of our teachers, but also to subject-specific knowledge. During the language examination, knowledge in dentistry is always requested. Because of this, our online instructors are usually trained dentists. They know the requirements of the technical language examination in the federal states exactly and can prepare you best.
Before the beginning of the lesson, it makes sense to check your German language skills with a placement test. This allows the teacher to assess your level of knowledge. This test makes it easy to predict how many lessons you’ll likely need to take the language exam.

Online German Training for Doctors – Exam Preparation German B2

You need a certificate at level B2? That’s no problem with our exam preparation. Our teachers prepare you ideally for the exams. The focus is on vocabulary, grammar and idiomatics. This course is ideal for you if you have not completed the exam at level B2 yet. If your German course at this level is already a long time ago, you should also refresh your knowledge.


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