Want to become a teacher?

Want to become a teacher?

You are a German teacher and a language professional - would you like to teach with us?

Thanks to our virtual classroom system, you can then teach freelance from home with your existing home office.

You will receive a short training about the functionalities of our system as well as the possibilities to purchase digital teaching material and you can already teach individuals or small groups in German as a foreign language via our virtual classroom.

German Language Teacher Jobs for Online German Courses

Do you speak German as a native language or have studied German and want to communicate your knowledge and skills to other people? If you also have a pedagogical education or at least have knowledge in this field, you should apply to us as a German language teacher.

We offer our students different course models. They can attend a German course once a week or attend an intensive course. Of course, we also offer private lessons. This results in different perspectives for you.

Job offers for German tutors - With us you can have flexible working hours

Due to the different course models, it is possible to make working hours flexible. If you have another job, you can support us once a week with a German language course. These courses are also suitable for students, because they can be integrated into their lectures. Our training period is usually 12 weeks. This is a time that is manageable for students, as their lecture schedule does not change either that fast. If you have time in the morning, an intensive course can be interesting. You teach several hours every day. These courses are perfect if you want to start as a full-time employee. If you would like to work as a private tutor, the timing is in your hands anyway. In this case, you agree the times with your students.

What we expect from you

First of all, you have to be fluent in German spoken and written, perfect and without accent. At this point, we make no compromises, because your students should learn a perfect pronunciation. It is best if you are a teacher and already have teaching experience. This is not a condition, but you should definitely have an understanding of educational processes. In addition, your personality is important to us. Our students are close to our hearts and teaching should be fun for them. Only then will they be completely satisfied and book further courses with us and with you. Our experience shows that it is not just about the competence of the teacher, but that the personality is an important factor.

What you can expect from us

First of all a good and fair payment. In addition, you work in a friendly team. If problems arise in any way, we will assist you with help and advice. We also take care of regular training so you can expand your teaching skills.

Apply now as a German Online Language Teacher

If you feel addressed, it is best to apply immediately. We need the usual documents, i.e. CV, cover letter and certificates. Send us the documents by email. First and foremost, we want to know your motivation, why you apply to us as a German teacher. Then visit our website, which we created especially for our language teachers. There you can create a profile. Enter German as the language and upload a picture of yourself. If you have other languages, you can specify them.

Are you interested immediately?

Then book directly without a trial lesson!